Intermediate Digital Imaging Fall 2019


Photo series of the close circuit television security system with in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Student Union. Displayed within a custom designed and fabricated rotary flip-book made of laser cut plywood.

The Kitchen

HDR photo series of typical objects that can be found in the kitchen. Spoons, Cans, Chips, Ice, Knives, Pasta Roller, Plates, Bowls, Pot Holders, Rice Cooker, Soap, Spices, Toaster, Towels, Utensils, Plastic Wrap...

Rube Goldberg

Panorama image that spans the full 360 degrees of a virtual space. The full experience can be witnessed in Nintendo Labo's VR space where a chain reaction takes place. It kicks off with snapping a photo with the head set's button causing the tall red center block to break. From there the yellow wheel rolls into the orange dominoes. They release a green disk and also cause the background to change colors. The green disk will then hit the large red button to start the car, ending the reaction.

Destructible Gallery

VR recreation of the gallery space that can be blown apart at the user's whim. Displayed in the Dean's Gallery Lounge in RPI's Russell Sage Labs building.

The Dancers

Mesmerizing "deep dream" AI manipulated photography of dancers at The Egg in Albany.


The final project for this class. An interactive display of HDR photography of various natural and synthetic textures. The piece was hung behind circular acrylic sheets with black vinyl borders circling each image. Anybody is invited to add to the piece by adhering stickers to the acrylic, covering the image with their own creation. This is currently displayed on the second floor of the Low Center for Industrial Innovation building.