Intro to Engineering Design

The Mini Dishwasher

In this course, my group was tasked to create a prototype of a product that will solve a problem. We disliked having dirty dishes in our dorm room, thus we created a functioning self-contained mini dishwasher. This prototype was created using laser cutting, soldering, hand tools, and teamwork.

The mini dishwasher was fully contained in a case that I modeled in Autodesk Inventor. It had the design constraints to create places to mount all components securely. This was a critical subsystem because it was tasked at holding 2 gallons of water in a heated tank above the whole washer. In order to not require multiple prototypes for this subsystem, a basic finite elements analysis was conducted in order to verify it could handle the load without exceeding a factor of safety of 2. The first CAD model failed this test which resulted in refining the model by changing the material that supports the reservoir. The following model passed and met all the design requirements.