Humans Versus Zombies Club Presidency

Leading a Growing Club

I joined Humans Versus Zombies, HvZ, in 2016 while attending RPI's Navigating Rensselaer and Beyond, NRB, event during my first week. Since then, I have gone on to coordinate and run 2 of these NRB events for many of the new incoming freshmen of RPI with a combined attendance of over 250 students. Along with my executive board, we have ran many special games from duels at the RPI 2020 Winter Carnival to Family Home Base Survival during 2019 Family Weekend. My biggest accomplishment with the club is bringing back our tradition of Multiday, where we have a game run for 5 full days. This revived tradition was fulfilled through many meetings with RPI campus's public safety department to implement new safety measures, such as reflective player vests, and to ensure proper communication throughout the event's duration.